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Lara Nieberding

Lara Nieberding

She is the Business Muse that keeps your business  functioning!

Her passion for Online Business Management has helped online business owners reach new levels of success.

“She is a dedicated professional that exudes creativity, enthusiasm, and responsibility. She is a joy to work with and accomplishes complicated projects in a snap. She is detail oriented, timely and always completes her work with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. If you have a chance to work with Ms. Nieberding you should. She will give you her all…and then some.”   ~ Micaela Tedford

Lara graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. She began supporting online business owners in 2007. She keeps her skills current by participating in a wide variety of courses including Internet Marketing Support Specialist, Social Media Support Specialist, Product Launch Support Specialist, from VA Classroom.

In 2011, she enrolled in a comprehensive program for Online Business Manager certification. Her online training sessions included Online Business Models and Strategy, Key Competencies of the Online Business Manager, Business Management Toolbelt – Sharpening your skills, Online Revenue Streams – Maps & Processes. After attending the training sessions, she participated in a week long intensive certification process. She earned her certification in June, 2011.

Lara believes volunteering her time is important for building a strong community. She has been a member of the International Virtual Assistants association since 2007. She serves on several committees and at present, serves on the IVAA Board of Directors.

In her personal time, Lara enjoys knitting, reading and researching thought provoking topics.

Written by The Purple Lara

September 28, 2007 at 1:12 PM

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